“Life is for learning and I love experimenting in all art forms – but, I most love painting, photography and poetry.”

Louise Douglas


I bring a photographers perspective to painting. Working from photographs is like composing in the viewfinder of a camera but has limitless creative possibilities. I work primarily in watercolor and acrylic but also enjoy constructing collages in mixed media.

In my florals I try to capture the beauty of a moment. I paint flowers because, I want to share the joy they have given me.   I have found wonder and magic in flowers since I was a child. I love the colors, the various shapes, and petals like fine silk. Trees are another love of mine. I cannot walk or drive around without seeing the beauty of woods. I see them all and individually, they are a source of balance and strength for me. I find buildings, especially those in decline and reverting back to nature intriguing. Man made from nature and the inevitable return to nature.


The natural world is my muse. The four seasons of new england inspire my palette from the soft white light of winter, to the fresh greens of spring with the riot of colors in blooming flowers. Summer is the morning sun in the garden and on the ocean. When fall comes I try to capture the golden red leaves in an annual painting. With the changing seasons I’m inspired by what surrounds me.



Inquires are welcome via e-mail.


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