Blogging for one year today!!!!

Today is a milestone!!! It  is my 1 year Anniversary on WordPress as Louise’s World of Art.

I want to thank all who have visited and for those comments.  I have met some wonderful other poets and artists by using the blog.  I expanded to Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and follow many of the same artists there.    They are all an inspiration!

I especially want to thank Leslie White who can be found at  for her consistent  feedback.  She is my BBF  ‘Best Blog Friend’

As I begin to review the past year ( a annual habit) I hope to make  a photo gallery of of my paintings.

To finish up the year I’m posting 2 negative watercolor painting that I hope show a positive light.

Happy New Year to everyone!!!!!!!  Keep visiting and leave me your comments..



  1. You honor me by saying what you have, here, and I thank you. I absolutely got a lump in my throat when you said what a BBF is. The feeling is truly mutual, Louise. The comment I left on the post prior to this was left before I even read this post, so you know the feeling is mutual! 🙂
    The negative space paintings are beautiful. I purchased a book that dealt with this and I never quite got the hang of it. Your paintings make me want to try it again.

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