Bridge of flowers & Tropical Storm Irene

At the beginning of the summer I visited The Bridge of Flowers and took photos and did a watercolor of the bridge

photo June 2011
watercolor bridge of flowers

Here is a news picture from today…Deerfield river flooding from the rains of Irene

flooding Aug 28, 2011


We were lucky again.  Haven’t lost power but wind is still blowing.



  1. I love how varied and interesting the greens and blues are in your painting. I appreciate the comparison between the two photos. Quite a difference between lazy early summer and hectic flooding! We really were fortunate here too. Lots of rain, but minimal damage.

    Hope you dry out soon,


  2. This is so beautiful Louise. I love looking at your artwork. I am so happy to see that retirement has been good to you 🙂

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