Backyard Plein Air Sketch

To be sure I had all the equipment I needed for Plein air painting, I brought everything out to my back yard.  Looking for a place to set-up I saw everything was green, until I spotted some red tomatoes ready for picking.  So I set up there ,first making a checklist of things I was using, and then started painting.  Time flew…I was going for getting the color on the paper the first time, since I tend to be a light painter.  So much fun..So much looser, so freeing.. Hope you enjoy!



  1. At least you have tomatoes, I have beautiful green plants and blooms, but no tomatoes. Very cool painting, I hope to do some plein airing soon, once it drops from the upper 90’s here in temp.

  2. I think it is fantastic that you get out there in this heat…..or is it not hot there, Louise? Lovely plein air. I find greens so difficult and yours are totally believable. I enlarged the photo of the painting on your easle. I like the whole painting.

    1. Thank you , I struggled with greens until I studied ‘Blue and Yellow don’t make green’ by Michael Wilcox. He is a color master and I learned a lot from him and mix my own greens most of the time. It is not that hot in New England right now, high 70’s low 80’s with a breeze. Thanks for the comments re whole painting, I did crop (photo only) and have a copy of original, I get crop happy sometimes. I’ m thinking of bringing my prepared masa paper to tomorrows plein air at a Inn/farm/rolling countryside/stonewalls..painting gathering. I’m gong back to re-read your blog about the challenge. There is so much emotion in your painting wow!

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