Plein Air Painting..

Beautiful day today (after scary threat of another tornado last evening!).

I went to a Plein Air Workshop taught by Art Furtado, in Charlton MA.   I was the only student so.. we set up and painted the hours away.  Great fun.  This was my first Plein air painting, setting up the french easel, sketching, and painting out in the open.  (I have done sketching outside, but not painting).  The light changes every few minutes, the paint dries quick, but I LOVED it!!

Here is what we left with today.  (WIP)



  1. Painting outdoors is so much fun. I am always amazed at the different look I get with a plein air, but every bit as precious. I can see you sitting there painting this lovely flower. Good perspective on the corner of the house, Louise. What a great way to take a workshop, being the only student!

    1. Thanks Leslie, I just read in another artists statement, she “believes that to be an artist means to be a perpetual student and continues to study under other talented artists and teachers.” Melodie Douglas. I like that and because I love learning I am always a student.

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