The Forest – Watercolor on Masa Paper



  1. Absolutely beautiful!!!! I love the color base that you achieved to paint on and the subject you chose for the background, Louise!!! I feel like I am entering a very peaceful forest.
    Dont be afraid to add more darks on this surface as you can lift a little in between the crinkle areas if you used matte medium to adhere it (or elmer’s glue I think). This paper does not require you to be too careful like our regular watercolor paper surfaces. The trees will explode all over the page! 🙂 Lovely!

    1. Thanks Leslie. I had no idea what I was going to paint after I toned the paper. I kept looking at it and decided to try trees. I started very light and can see how I could go even darker. I checked the photo out and did some changes and it does pop if darkened. They don’t call me light touch for nothing. I’ll work on it some more and re-post, but first I have some windows that need washing. lol

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