Covered Bridge I

Watercolor 10½ x 14½ Strathmore, Lanaquarelle 140 lb cold press


  1. This is so peaceful, Louise! Good job on your still water reflections. …especially on Lanaquerelle paper. I love that paper but it is difficult to get the darks in and you did so well on that!

    1. Thank you Leslie. That was my first time using that paper, I had a sample package. I was having a problem getting things dark enough and now I know why thanks. Now I’ll give it a try on Archers block.

      1. Not to worry. It is an excellent paper. I think it is one step between Arches hot press and Arches coldpress. Lanaquerelle allows me to show more of my brush strokes and always always looks wet. Hope that helps. Don’t give up on it. Just takes a little more layers like you applied, here. I think you did a great job!

      2. Thanks Leslie I’ll note that in my journal about papers. I still am working toward trying Masa paper but want to knock out a few more landscapes. Your paintings have been inspiring love love your work 🙂

    1. Thank you Linda The painting is of a bridge close to where I live in Massachusetts. Another post of mine has the picture of it I used. New England is also covered bridge country. Nice!

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