Tornado – 12 Days Later

Now the initial shock is fading.

Check this out…
We were 4 houses from the track. The images are still around and will be for quite awhile.  We cannot drive out of our area without passing through some of the damage.  Here are images from around my area:

This will be the last I post of Tornado Images, as I move back to my art work like flowers, sketching, painting.  This has been my way of healing and trying to make sense of it all.  Things I have learned are:

Live every day to the fullest

Be thankful in all things and for what you have

Love thy neighbors

Life can change on a dime

Time heals all 

There is always someone else who has it worse

Post note– Back to my flowers from June 1.. they survived the tornado!  We went to check them last week, going down in the evening, and they smell just beautiful.. like  jasmine & lilac but not overpowering.  I have also seen lots of butterflies going that way when I look out my back window.  Wait until you see all the photos I have to post of flowers, sunsets and more flowers 🙂



    1. The tornados of May in your area were just hard to believe. It is true unless you stand among the damage you can not begin to even imagine the damage mother nature can cause in just a short time. Really changes one, I believe. Thanks for stopping by.

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