After the Tornado…that evening & day 1

Continued from../ 10 Hours Before The Tornado…

Coming out of the basement we no longer need flashlights, it is still light out.

Our yard had leaves and small branches on it but the tornado had missed us.

We started to walk up our street. Branches were down in neighbors yard, still not bad.

Then when we got 3 houses up from ours ,large trees were in the road.  The further we went the worse it got, all the neighbors were out accessing the damages.

We kept walking and saw this SUV that had been caught in Tornado.  Then as we looked the driver and his 12 year old daughter walked over to us and told us how the tree had hit them as they were coming over the hill.  Brave they held each others hand.

When we reached the other end of the hill we barley recognized it.  200 year old trees that once lined the stress were now broken or torn up by their roots.

The good new!  No one got hurt.  House damage was minimal compared to other areas hit.

All night and for the next  days clean up would be happening.  There would be no electric for over 24 hours.  Utility trucks, tree removal trucks, lined the street.  The chainsaws were running 24/7.  Traffic was diverted to our street as the main road was still blocked, so there was a constant flow of cars, and all size trucks tried to make it over the hill.

We still owned the streets and went from neighbor to neighbor to comfort one another.  The best seems to come out in all when put together in this kind of situation.  So very American.

June 2 turned out to be another beautiful day.

To be continued…….



  1. I am so sorry for the misfortune of your neighbors but glad that no one was hurt.
    I like how you ended this post speaking of how neighbor comforts neighbor. One of my favorite lines in a movie was in “Starman” when jeff Bridges (the alien) turns to the human and says what he likes about our species and that was that we are at our best when things are at their worst. I would tend to agree.

    1. Thanks Leslie, I have seen many examples of being our best when things are at their worst this past week. I hope to post more photos from around our area tomorrow and that will close this topic on the blog for me, as I get back to painting. 🙂

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